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2022-10-14 14:06:29 By : Ms. Shirley Zhang

The Nagpur Railway Station will soon have digital lockers. Passengers visiting Nagpur for a short period of time will benefit from this service. Every day, trains from all over the country pass through Nagpur. Some passengers travel to Nagpur for business and pleasure. They are only in town for a short time and will return once their work is completed.

Many people shop at city markets. Passengers must store their luggage in hotels or lodges until they arrive at the train station to board trains. They must pay room charges for the entire day in order to stay for a few hours. Secret Stash

Considering this, the rail way administration came up with digital lockers at railway stations. The pas sengers will be able to keep their goods in locker and leave the railway station for a certain period. It has not been decided whether the facility will be on the east or west side of the station. Talks at senior level are going on about digital locker. Once the location is decided, it will not take much time to set them up, informed railways public relations officer Vijayku mar Thool.

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