10 Things Gearheads Forgot About The Exorcist Camaro By Hennessey

2022-06-18 20:50:57 By : Mr. Hardy Liu

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Hennessey is known for making some ridiculous sports cars, such as their infamous Exorcist Camaro.

If you ever think that you may need more power than the standard ZL1 Chevrolet Camaro, then Hennessey has built this beast especially for you. The Exorcist is designed and tuned by Hennessey Performance and is a complete turnkey vehicle based on the standard ZL1 Camaro.

While you may think this is a standard upgrade, Hennessey Performance showcases their dominance in the bespoke sports car market with this 1000 HP beast. With a top speed of around 217 miles per hour, this ZL1 is by far one of the most powerful Camaros money can buy. If you want to learn more about this insane custom car from Hennessey, here are 10 things gearheads forgot about the Exorcist Camaro:

While the Exorcist is a bespoke vehicle, bespoke does not always mean rare. Many other luxury brands offer bespoke features on their cars, even though they make and sell thousands of units every year.

Unlike those brands, Hennessey has limited production to only 100 units. This allows them to focus on building a truly powerful vehicle with extreme attention to detail. This makes the car unique, but also secures it as an investment over the long term.

The powertrain found in the Exorcist Camaro is a tuned and upgraded version of the LT1. While the LT1 comes with a 6.2-liter V8, this only produced 455 HP. The upgraded powertrain found in the Exorcist is built on the top-spec version and can achieve 1,000 HP.

In addition to the insane horsepower output of the Exorcist, the car also produces around 883 lb-ft of torque. This is by far the most powerful Camaro ever made and is more than any car enthusiast will ever need. Hennessey upgraded the engine management system and ported the cylinder heads. This attention to detail completely transformed the Camaro into an absolute beast for the road.

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Hennessey Performance is known for making extremely fast cars. While the Exorcist is undoubtedly powerful in a straight line, Hennessey made significant changes to the car to let it handle like it means business as well.

Tested at a number of tracks around the country, the Exorcist is one of the most powerful and agile cars on the market. The upgraded brakes along with Dyno tuning allow the car to make the most out of every horsepower it has.

The Exorcist Camaro does not just have engine stats on its side, it has the real-world performance to match. This can be seen in its impressive 2.1-second 0 to 60 time. This is a huge improvement over the 3.4 seconds it takes the standard Camaro.

The Exorcist Camaro can also do the quarter-mile in under 10 seconds. This makes the car an impressive piece of engineering on and off the track. The Exorcist indicates this in its price as it comes in at a cool $135,000 compared to the standard $35,000 of the entry-level Camaro.

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The exhaust system in the standard ZL1 Camaro is amazing, but Hennessey has taken it to a whole new level. The Exorcist comes with a unique 4-pipe layout that is not electronically limited like many modern European cars are.

Hennessey did not just put in a new exhaust system, their engineers spent time designing the sound as if it were another physical part of the car. This further proves the work of art Hennessey has managed to produce.

The interior of the Exorcist is very similar to the standard Camaro ZL1. This means that although the Exorcist is designed for performance, you will still have all the luxury you can expect from the rest of the Camaro line.

While the Exorcist has some interior badging and custom finishes, the infotainment system is the same as the standard ZL1. This modern system integrates seamlessly with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to let you sync your phone to the system wirelessly.

The Exorcist Camaro features a number of exterior styling badges to indicate the model and branding of the limited-edition vehicle. While the vehicle can come in a variety of different colors, each model comes with a unique vinyl that has the Exorcist logo painted on it.

This helps make the Exorcist stand out on the road. The Exorcist is built on the ZL1 Camaro, but makes use of the highest-spec version of the car. This means that the Exorcist is by far the most aggressive and bold version of the Camaro.

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In addition to the unique colorways and dark accents given to the Exorcist, Hennessey Performance has also included an all-new body kit for the vehicle. This body kit works hand-in-hand with the lower suspension to give the car a more aggressive stance.

The new body kit includes a larger and more prominent front grille, along with wider body panels all the way to the rear of the car. The bumper is also more pronounced with a unique flat spoiler for extra downforce along the straights.

Hennessy has paid a lot of attention to small details in and around the Exorcist Camaro. This includes the fuel system, valve springs, heat exchanger, and even the intake and exhaust valves of the car. The modifications were not limited to the powertrain, but also includes branded stitching and custom gauges in the cockpit.

These upgrades may seem small, but they add up to some impressive performance figures for Exorcist. While these upgrades are done to every model, Hennessey also personally tests each vehicle to ensure that everything is up to scratch. Each car is tested for around 500 miles before they give it the final seal of approval.

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While many other tuning companies may tell you that the work they did on your car voids the manufacturer’s guarantee, Hennessey does the exact opposite. Whenever you purchase one of the models from Hennessey, they offer you an additional warranty on the vehicle.

The Hennessey Guarantee overlaps your manufacturer guarantee by two years and up to 24,000 miles. While this is a limited guarantee, it does show the designer’s commitment and confidence in the car they have produced.

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