The Global Eddy-current Testing Market size is expected to reach $1.8 billion by 2028, rising at a market growth of 9.8% CAGR during the forecast period

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Eddy current testing is a non-invasive inspection method that can be used to find faults, measure material, and layer thickness, classify materials, and evaluate the heat treatment status of certain materials.

New York, July 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- announces the release of the report "Global Eddy-current Testing Market Size, Share & Industry Trends Analysis Report By Service, By Technique, By Industry, By Regional Outlook and Forecast, 2022 – 2028" - Eddy current testing utilize a specially constructed coil powered by an alternating current and placed near the test surface to create a varying magnetic field that combines with the sample region and produces eddy current measurements in the area. Eddy current testing is based on electromagnetic induction, a physics phenomenon. An alternating current run via a wire coil in an eddy current probe, generating an alternating magnetic field. When the probed and its magnetic field are placed closer to a conductive substance, such as a metal test piece, an eddy current, or circular movement of electrons, begins to flow through the metal like water in a stream. Through mutual inductance, the eddy current flowing within the metal would produce its own magnetic field, which would interact with the coil and its field. A trained operator can employ the eddy current instrument to plot changes in impedance amplitude and phase angle to identify changes in the test component. Furthermore, progress in new ECT technology is projected to propel the eddy-current testing industry forward. The standard penetration is specified as the depth at which the eddy current density is 37 percent of its surface value, which may be computed using the test frequency and the test material’s magnetic permeability and conductivity. Variations in the test material’s conductivity, saturation magnetization, the speed of the AC pulses driving the coil, and coil design would affect resolution, test sensitivity, and immersion. COVID-19 Impact In 2020, the outbreak of COVID-19 had a considerable impact on the expansion of eddy current testing; however, by the end of 2022, rising safety and security regulations in the oil and gas and manufacturing sectors are likely to drive the market. The COVID-19 pandemic has been unpleasant and unexpected for practically all businesses around the world, including automobiles, construction, aviation, and manufacturing. Many governments throughout the world-initiated lockdowns to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus and its harmful repercussions. The economy was stressed by a fragmented supply chain and lower industrial productivity. The virus’s quick emergence also impacted the companies’ production and manufacturing capacities. Market Growth Factors Growing demand of eddy current testing in the aerospace industry Material, construction, and strength are all held to the highest standards in the aerospace industry. Nondestructive examination (NDE), nondestructive evaluation (NDE), and nondestructive inspection are all terms for the same method (NDI). A number of catastrophic accidents and deaths can occur as a result of failures in surface, strength, and cracks. According to a report, tragic crashes for major passenger airliners occurred at a rate of 0.3 per million flights in 2018 and 0.18 per million flights in 2019. NDT is a commonly used testing method for inspecting aircraft parts and components before assembly. Fatigue cracks in aircraft components are common and might grow after some time. Utilization of eddy current testing in Heat exchanger tube Eddy Current Testing can detect faults in pipes as small as 0.5 millimeters in diameter under ideal conditions. This test is incredibly accurate at finding even the smallest of flaws when used with suitable equipment, the right sort of conductive material, and a well-trained technician. It can detect through covered materials. While other forms of testing may be hampered or rendered ineffective by paint, protective coatings, corrosion, and other materials, Eddy Current Testing remains accurate on coated surfaces up to 5 millimeters thick. There is no need to clean the surface area. Soil, uneven coatings, and rust, like coated material, would not affect the testing and so don’t have to be cleansed for an accurate test. Testing is portable and light. Market Restraining Factors Inspection Services are lacking in skilled and qualified personnel. Nondestructive testing is utilized in variety of commercial, industrial, and domestic applications. Due to the superior evaluation output, a wide range of end-use sectors around the world. The signals are interpreted by a competent technician to find defects or wall loss in the tube. On a new heat exchanger, baseline eddy current testing is frequently performed so that the results can be obtained for later in-service tests to see whether any changes have occurred. Eddy’s current testing is a quick, accurate, and cost-effective way to identify weaker or broken tubes before they fail and cause an expensive shutdown. Several users around the world have complained about the testing and analysis method’s shortcomings. Only high-value sophisticated instruments can be used for NDT. Service Outlook Based on Service, the market is segmented into Inspection Services, Equipment Rental Services, Training Services, and Calibration Services. The calibration segment witnessed a significant revenue share in the Eddy-current Testing Market in 2021. As it can identify any variations and imperfections in measurement devices and dimensional standards. Data that deviates from "normal" are identified during calibration. Tolerances are then adjusted to normal levels by the measurement instrument or measuring method. In general, calibration services are provided in the following order: first, the measurement process is explained, second, management conditions are detected, third, the standards are determined, fourth, mathematical concepts are examined, and finally, the results are recorded and collected. Technique Outlook Based on Technique, the market is segmented into Conventional Eddy Current Testing, Eddy Current Array, Alternating Current Field Measurement, Remote Field Testing, and Others. The conventional eddy current testing segment procured the highest revenue share in the Eddy-current Testing Market in 2021. Steam generator tubes in nuclear reactors and heat exchanger tubing in the power and petrochemical sectors are inspected using conventional ECT. To detect and size pits, the approach is extremely sensitive. It is possible to detect wall loss or corrosion, although sizing is inaccurate. Industry Outlook Based on Industry, the market is segmented into Manufacturing, Automotive, Power Generation, Government Infrastructure & Public Safety, Oil & Gas, and Others. The manufacturing service segment acquired the largest revenue share in the Eddy-current Testing Market in 2021. It is due to the checking procedure of the pipe, tubes, and heavy machinery in a variety of manufacturing processes. Modern eddy current sensors and devices can detect metallurgical faults and anomalies, ensuring the final product’s quality and safety. Manufacturers can obtain increased production and consequently higher profits due to the precision and speed of eddy current testing. Regional Outlook Based on Regions, the market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America, Middle East & Africa. The North America segment registered the highest revenue share in the Eddy-current Testing Market in 2021. In North America, the oil and gas end-user industry had the largest market share. Inspection is involved in the maintenance of oil and gas pipelines, as well as other refinery equipment, and ECT is usually utilized in this area. In North America, ECT technologies are also frequently used in the power generation business. In this geographical category, the United States held the largest market share and is likely to continue to do so during the forecast period. The market research report covers the analysis of key stake holders of the market. Key companies profiled in the report include Olympus Corporation, Eddyfi Technologies, ETher NDE Ltd., Fidgeon Ltd., ibg NDT Systems Corporation, Magnetic Analysis Corporation, Mistras Group, Inc., TÜV Rheinland AG, Ashtead Group PLC, and Waygate Technologies. Strategies deployed in Eddy-current Testing Market May-2022: Waygate Technologies Robotics came into a partnership with PETRONAS Technology Ventures, PETRONAS’ technology commercialization arm. Together, the companies aimed to market jointly designed robotic examination equipment and escalate employment in the gas and oil businesses. Additionally, BIKE robotic system, enhance data inspection and management of restricted or hard-to-reach places in oil and gas areas including onshore and offshore. Moreover, the improved technology includes a cleaning device along with additional eddy current and ultrasonic examination abilities. Mar-2022: Magnetic Analysis took over TacTic, a Division of Laboratory Testing. Through this acquisition, Magnetic Analysis expanded NDT systems to add generic and automated immersion spin the tube ultrasonic test systems to recognize surface and subsurface fault in the round pipe, bar, and tube. Additionally, Spin the tube are convenient for metal manufacturers that require testing a small number of components or repeated diameter size changes. Jan-2022: Eddyfi/NDT completed the acquisition of Zetec, a company providing top nondestructive testing solutions that allow enhance inspection results for eddy current & ultrasonic technologies. Through this acquisition, Eddyfi/NDT would integrate Zetec’s NDT solutions within its Technologies business unit. Nov-2021: TÜV Rheinland expanded its geographical footprint by establishing the newest testing services laboratory in West Unity, Ohio. Through this expansion, TÜV Rheinland of North America’s, northwest Ohio facility is well furnished to offer a complete variety of trail demands, such as a customized, completely automated magnetic particle system that delivers precision and efficiency not attainable with off the shelf systems. Jun-2021: ETher NDE unveiled the ETi-300 advanced flaw detector, an end-to-end Tube inspection Solution. The flaw detector is the new modern eddy current equipment for examining non-ferrous tubing from the inner diameter, created by ETher NDE to execute in the most needing of ecosystem whilst providing prominent analysis outcome and reporting capabilities. Nov-2020: Eddyfi Technologies introduced FloormapX, a multi-technology Magnetic Flux Leakage Array tank. The FloormapX provide extraordinary capability and effectiveness to address any tank. Additionally, FloormapX provide an incomparable chance of disclosure adding in the crucial zone and can address coatings and broad plates expertly. Feb-2020: Eddyfi/NDT took over NDT Global, a superior ultrasonic pipeline inline inspection and data analysis provider. Through this acquisition, the integration of Eddyfi Technologies and NDT Global is a private and novel Test & Measurement technology association based on Non-Destructive Testing. Jul¬2018: Eddyfi Technologies introduced the Lyft systems, the first standard pulsed eddy current batch. The Lyft systems would enhance the efficiency of corrosion under fireproofing and corrosion under insulation inspections. Additionally, the new system would propel array examination and all Lyft components in the field and covered by the Lyft software and service plan would asset from crucial software and hardware advancement to support PECA technology. May-2018: Eddyfi Technologies completed the acquisition of M2M, a renowned manufacturer, and developer of phased array ultrasonic testing instruments for NDT. Under this acquisition, M2M provides Eddyfi Technologies an extraordinary opportunity to enter the deep PAUT industry with the most modern technology recently accessible in the world. Scope of the Study Market Segments covered in the Report: By Service • Inspection Services • Equipment Rental Services • Training Services • Caliberation Services By Technique • Conventional Eddy Current Testing • Eddy Current Array • Alternating Current Field Measurement • Remote Field Testing • Others By Industry • Manufacturing • Automotive • Power Generation • Government Infrastructure & Public Safety • Oil & Gas • Others By Geography • North America o US o Canada o Mexico o Rest of North America • Europe o Germany o UK o France o Russia o Spain o Italy o Rest of Europe • Asia Pacific o China o Japan o India o South Korea o Singapore o Malaysia o Rest of Asia Pacific • LAMEA o Brazil o Argentina o UAE o Saudi Arabia o South Africa o Nigeria o Rest of LAMEA Companies Profiled • Olympus Corporation • Eddyfi Technologies • ETher NDE Ltd. • Fidgeon Ltd. • ibg NDT Systems Corporation • Magnetic Analysis Corporation • Mistras Group, Inc. • TÜV Rheinland AG • Ashtead Group PLC • Waygate Technologies Unique Offerings • Exhaustive coverage • Highest number of market tables and figures • Subscription based model available • Guaranteed best price • Assured post sales research support with 10% customization free Read the full report: About Reportlinker ReportLinker is an award-winning market research solution. 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